I strongly identify with wood elves because I too like to drink wine and talk about how men are failing

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Welcome to the family Drogon!! 🐯#othercatissulking


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🍹😘🌉 (at Fridays)

👯 (at Eat Street Markets)

🍸🍒🍩🌃 (at Eat Street Markets)

"Personally, I’d like as many children as I can pop out, I reckon. You come from a happy family; you want to create a happy family. And in the same breath, I’d like to be on stage at England’s National Theatre, doing Miller and Chekhov. Give me a Sam Mendes/Tennessee Williams combination—that would be glorious. And to be making some Oscar-worthy movies with Scorsese. I’m always looking for the hard road. That way, you remain interested and interesting. Hopefully."

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They’re dragons, Khaleesi. They can never be tamed. Not even by their mother.

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Sophie Turner signs for fans at the Game of Thrones premiere in Milan

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Ziad Nakad Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014

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